DLF Forum 2010: Presentations

November 1, 2010

Project Managers Meeting

Agile Project Management and the Real World—Emily Lynema
Confessions of a new (agile) software project manager—Laura Akerman
A hybrid approach – or case study to restore sanity – for software development projects Managers—Barrie Howard
Agile Project Management at Penn—Delphine Khanna

Opening Session

Welcome—Rachel L. Frick
Keynote Address—Charles Henry


November 2-3, 2010

Plenary Session

Collections in the Age of E-Research; Realizing Potential through Curation and Aggregation—Carole Palmer

Presentations, Project Updates, and Working Sessions

Search Engine Optimization for Digital Collections—Kenning Arlitsch, Patrick O’Brien, Sandra McIntyre

Breaking Open the Silos: Building a Collaborative ILS Middleware Platform—Emily Lynema and Roy Tennant

Authority and vocabulary data, RDF, Linked Data—John Mark Ockerbloom

Curation Micro-services—Stephen Abrams, Patricia Hswe, Delphine Khanna, Katherine Kott

Digital Library as Partner in Transformative Scholarship—Stephen Davison, Todd Grappone, Elizabeth McAulay, Jennifer Weintraub

Hydra: A Technical and Community Framework for Customized, Shared Repository Applications—Tom Cramer, Matt Zumwalt, Richard Green, Robin Ruggaber

JHOVE2 Next-Generation Characterization—Stephen Abrams, Hannah Frost, Sheila Morrissey

Key Performance Indicators: Adapting an accountability tool for digital libraries—Leslie Wolf and Lena Zentall

Kuali OLE: Update from our First Quarter Startup—Kristin Antelman and Michael Winkler

Meeting the Mission: Preserving and Providing Access to Electronic Federal Government Publications (FDsys)—Lisa R. LaPlant

Project to Production: California Digital Library Web Archiving Service—Tracy Seneca

ReCollections—Leslie Johnston and Barrie Howard

Revise the Old or Draft Anew?: Devising Staffing and Workflow Solutions as Academic Libraries go Digital—Jen Wolfe and Marta Brunner

Transactional Web Archiving: Memento—Robert Sanderson, Lyudmila Balakireva, Harihar Shankar, Herbert Van de Sompel

Variations on Video: Issues and Opportunities with Streaming Video—Jon Dunn, Mark Notess, and Claire Stewart

XTF—Martin Haye, Kirk Hastings, Lisa Schiff

Poster used in Project and Tool Showcase, November 2
From Trickle to Flood: An Extensible Approach to Large Scale Digitization of Manuscript Collections at UNC Chapel Hill Libraries

Conference Wrap-up

Conference Wrap-up—Rachel L. Frick

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