DLF Community/Capacity Awards

Community/Capacity Awards imageThe Community/Capacity Awards (DLF Comm/Caps, for short) are a new debt of gratitude from the DLF membership, selected bi-annually by vote.

MEET OUR 2016 AWARD RECIPIENTS: the American Archive of Public Broadcasting and the Biodiversity Heritage Library (Yes, it’s a tie! Learn more, here.)

And please help us congratulate all 16 of our wonderful 2016 NOMINEES.

What are the DLF Comm/Caps?
First announced at the Community and Capacity panel of the 2015 DLF Forum, these are not awards for pure innovation, individualism, or disruption. Instead, they honor constructive, community-minded capacity-building in digital libraries and allied fields: efforts that contribute to our ability to collaborate across institutional lines and/or work toward something larger, together. The Comm/Caps are about community spirit, generosity, openness, and care for fellow digital library, archives, and museum practitioners and for the various publics and missions we serve.

DLF Comm/Cap Awards go to an inspiring project, team, or person selected by the Digital Library Federation membership at large (one org, one vote: you decide locally how to make your pick!). Nominated work may be primarily technical, social, or a blend of the two, and nominees need not be affiliated with a DLF member institution.

The 2016 DLF Comm/Cap Award winner (person or group) will receive a $1000 prize, one free Forum registration, and some level of assistance toward travel expenses to make it possible for a representative to accept the award certificate in person at the 2016 DLF Forum, which will be held in Milwaukee, WI, November 7-9th.