DLF Community/Capacity Awards


What are the Comm/Caps?

The Community/Capacity Awards (DLF Comm/Caps, for short) are a debt of gratitude from the DLF membership, selected biennially by vote.

First announced at the Community and Capacity panel of the 2015 DLF Forum, these are not awards for pure innovation, individualism, or disruption. Instead, they honor constructive, community-minded capacity-building in digital libraries and allied fields: efforts that contribute to our ability to collaborate across institutional lines and/or work toward something larger, together. The Comm/Caps are about community spirit, generosity, openness, and care for fellow digital library, archives, and museum practitioners and for the various publics and missions we serve.

DLF Comm/Cap Awards go to an inspiring project, team, or person selected by the Digital Library Federation membership at large (one org, one vote: you decide locally how to make your pick!). Nominated work may be primarily technical, social, or a blend of the two, and nominees need not be affiliated with a DLF member institution.

The DLF Comm/Cap Award winner (person or group) will receive a $1000 prize, one free Forum registration, and some level of assistance toward travel expenses to make it possible for a representative to accept the award certificate in person at the DLF Forum event at which they will be honored.

Stay tuned for news about the upcoming 2020 DLF Comm/Cap Award.

Past winners + nominees:

Community/Capacity Awards image


Meet the 2018 award recipientDocumenting the Now. Congratulations to all 13 of our fantastic nominees.


Meet the 2016 award recipients: the American Archive of Public Broadcasting and the Biodiversity Heritage Library (Yes, it was a tie!) Congratulations to all 16 of our wonderful nominees.

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