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2019 AMIA Cross-Pollinator: Marlo Longley

  The Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) and DLF will be sending Marlo Longley to attend the 2019 DLF/AMIA Hack Day and AMIA conference in Baltimore, Maryland! During the event, Marlo will collaborate on projects with other attendees to... more

Active Bystander Orientation

By:  Scout Calvert  Jasmine Clark Sarah Goldstein Sheila Rabun  Margaret Smithglass Melissa Wisner Have you ever witnessed bullying, harassment, or an uncomfortable encounter... more

NDSA Announces the Levels of Digital Preservation 2.0

After over a year of hard work, the Levels of Digital Preservation Working group announces the Levels of Digital Preservation 2.0! In 2018 the NDSA sent out a call to the larger digital preservation community asking for interest in updating the Levels of... more