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NDSA Creates the Communications, Outreach, and Publications Working Group

As part of our ongoing effort to be transparent and informative, the Leadership of the NDSA approved the creation of a new working group to assist with communications about NDSA activities with the NDSA membership and beyond.  We are looking for people... more

VRA Cross-Pollinator Fellow: Justine Thomas

DLF is excited to announce that we’re sending community member Justine Thomas to the Visual Resources Association Annual Conference in Baltimore, Maryland this March with support from our GLAM Cross-Pollinator Registration Awards. The conference brings... more

AMIA+DLF Cross-Pollinator Reflection: Marlo Longley

This post was written by Marlo Longley, who received the AMIA+DLF Cross-Pollinator Travel Award to attend the 2019 AMIA Conference and AMIA+DLF Hack Day in Baltimore, Maryland. Marlo is a Digital Repository Developer for the Metropolitan New York Library... more