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Join our team! DLF Program Assistant for Conferences and Events

e are excited to announce an open position at the DLF! We’re hiring for a brand-new role: DLF Program Assistant for Conferences and Events. This person will join our team to work closely with colleagues at CLIR and DLF along with volunteer program... more

2017 NDSA Coordinating Committee Candidates

This winter, the National Digital Stewardship Alliance turns its attention to leadership renewal. We gratefully thank our outgoing Coordinating Committee member, Jim Corridan, for his service and many contributions. And we are pleased to welcome a... more

Fellow Reflection: Carissa Pfeiffer

    Carissa Pfeiffer (@carissapffffft) is a graduate student at Pratt Institute and NYARC Web Archiving Fellow at the Frick Collection who attended MCN’s annual meeting as a Kress+DLF Cross-Pollinator Fellow.        ... more