Creating Accessible Presentations

One of DLF’s strengths is that our membership and events are inclusive sites for exchange. Our members participate in a variety of cultural and disciplinary communities and bring many different professional and personal experiences and learning styles with them to our events. To help presenters effectively engage with this diverse and dynamic community, we offer these practical recommendations for creating accessible presentations.

First created by a subgroup of the 2016 DLF Forum Inclusivity Committee, our Creating Accessible Presentations guidelines were expanded to a webinar for the 2017 DLF Forum. These efforts continued in 2020 and 2021 with Creating Accessible Online Presentations, organized and held by members of DLF’s Committee for Equity and Inclusion and Digital Accessibility Working Group. 

Most recently, this work was updated for our 2022 events in the Creating Accessible Presentations Webinar held in July 2022 and led by Debbie Krahmer. View the latest webinar below.

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