A variety of working groups are what make the DLF community effective agents of change. Here are some of the interest groups you might want to explore. Each page will give you some information about that the group is up to, where to find its work, and how to get involved.

Recent Interest Group News:

  • Introducing the New DLF Assessment Interest Group

    This spring, a new DLF interest group has been formed on Assessment: http://www.diglib.org/groups/. The group was organized by Sherri Berger (California Digital Library), Joyce Chapman (State Library of North Carolina), Michelle Dalmau (Indiana University), Jody DeRidder (University of Alabama), Cristela Garcia-Spitz (University of California, San …

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  • Linked Data: A Personal View from Jerry Persons

    This piece inaugurates an occasional series by or about linked data practitioners that will be cross-posted on the DLF site and  LOD-LAM.net. The first post in the series is a personal reflection on the linked data landscape written by Jerry Persons, technology analyst at Knowledge Motifs, …

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If you would like to propose a new interest group, please do so in the comments field below.