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DLF seeks to facilitate conversations and activities related to digital library assessment. To take part, join the Digital Library Assessment Interest Group (DLF AIG), which is open to anyone interested in learning about or collaborating on the improvement of this work!

Research and cultural heritage institutions are, as a matter of course, providing online access to converted and born-digital scholarly and cultural content. As the amount of that content continues to grow, there is an increased need to standardize our assessment efforts in a more strategic way.

The Assessment Interest Group is actively engaged in creating products and literature, including white papers, annotated bibliographies, project documentation, and additional resources, to assist with the assessment of digital libraries. 

DLF Digital Library Assessment


The DLF AIG was formed in 2014 as an informal interest group within the larger DLF community. 

Read the original announcement on the formation of AIG.




This subgroup is focused on developing the Digital Content Reuse Assessment Framework Toolkit (D-CRAFT). See our wiki.

This subgroup’s primary task has traditionally been to collect, aggregate, and share data on the time (and money) it takes to perform various tasks involved in the digitization process to help with project planning and benchmarking. See our wiki.

This subgroup’s mission is to raise awareness of cultural bias and strive for diversity, equity and inclusivity in digital collection practice to create more inclusive cultures and to mitigate or expose collection bias. Where such practice is lacking, create new frameworks that uphold CAWG values. See our wiki.

This subgroup aims to build guidelines, best practices, tools and workflows around the evaluation and assessment of metadata used by and for digital libraries and repositories. See our wiki.

This subgroup in the past has taken a multi-faceted approach to determining the best way to develop guidelines and best practices in user and usability studies related to digital libraries. As the group has developed, they identified a need in the digital library UX community for high-impact UX practices that help grow UX maturity and assistant practitioners in advocating for more resources and buy-in from their institutions. See our wiki.

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