Data and Digital Scholarship Working Group

DLF Data and Digital Scholarship Working Group


The DLF Data and Digital Scholarship Working Group (DLFdds) is a community of practice focused on implementing research data and digital scholarship services. The group focuses on shared skill development, peer mentorship, networking, and collaboration. DLFdds aims to create a self-reliant, mutually supportive community: a network of institutions and individuals engaged in continuous learning about research data management, digital scholarship, and research support.


The DLF Digital Scholarship Working Group formed at the 2017 Forum in Pittsburgh to provide a community within DLF for those working in digital scholarship broadly or digital humanities specifically and sharing the charge of supporting digital research projects, coordinating community efforts, developing programs, teaching and training, and building partnerships on our campuses. In 2020, the group transitioned to its current model for learning and skills development in research data and digital scholarship. The current version of the group uses a mutual aid model to offer peer leaders and the group to create topics of interest for the community. It is an evolution of the eResearch Network, a program that DLF ran for many years.



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Check group communications or the DLF Community Calendar for the most up-to-date schedule.


Initiatives and Resources

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