Committee for Equity and Inclusion

DLF Committee for Equity and Inclusion


The DLF Committee for Equity and Inclusion (CEI) aims to build and support more inclusive, diverse, and equitable practices for Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums (GLAM) organizations. The CEI meets year-round, with its work divided between providing support for DLF Events and serving as a community of practice.

The CEI is composed of both standing sub-groups and short-term project groups. Standing sub-groups focus on broader diversity issues within GLAM. Project groups respond to the immediate needs of the forum or to meet more exigent requests from the community (webinars, toolkits, or other resources). The main efforts of the CEI are typically scheduled around the Forum, with work concentrated in the spring through fall (with Forum taking place in the fall). New member orientation and project planning typically takes place during the rest of the year.

See DLF CEI’s Onboarding documentation.


We strive to make DLF events and initiatives as welcoming and accessible as possible. Since the 2016 DLF Forum, our Forum Planning Committees have included a sub-committee on inclusivity issues. The work of the Inclusivity Committee made such a significant impact to the experiences of our attendees that in order to provide guidance for DLF staff and for the community year-round, in 2019 we created a new, standing DLF Committee for Equity and Inclusion.




Get Involved


DLF CEI meets monthly on the fourth Monday – Check group communications or the DLF Community Calendar for the most up-to-date schedule. Contact Team DLF Monday through Thursday at for meeting link/call-in information. 


Initiatives and Resources

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