Fellow Reflection: Marcia McIntosh

This  reflection on the 2019 Digital Humanities Summer Institute was written by Marcia McIntosh, who attended with support from a  DLF+DHSI Tuition Grant. Marcia  received

Fellow Reflection: Jennifer Nichols

Jennifer Nichols (@jennytnichols) is the Digital Scholarship Librarian and interim Department Head for the Office of Digital Innovation and Stewardship at the University of Arizona Libraries,

DHSI Fellow Reflection: Steven Booth

Steven Booth is currently the Audiovisual Archivist at the Barack Obama Presidential Library and attended the Digital Humanities Summer Institute and the DLFxDHSI unconference in

Reflections on DHSI 2017

Chelcie Juliet Rowell (@ararebit) is the Digital Scholarship Librarian & History Liaison at Boston College. She attended DHSI with support from a DLF+DHSI Cross-Pollinator Tuition Fellowship.      

Reflections on DHSI 2017

Rebecca Chung (@rebeccamchung) is Project Manager at Books Arts Studio, Arts, Architecture, and Engineering Library.  I attended the Digital Humanities Summer Institute for the first time, thanks

Reflections on DHSI 2017

John Edward Martin (@DocJem1972) is the Scholarly Communication Librarian at the University of North Texas. He attended DHSI with support from a DLF+DHSI Cross-Pollinator Tuition Fellowship.      I

Announcing the 2017 DLF + DHSI Cross-Pollinators

DLF is pleased to support three tuition awards for the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) in Victoria, BC, June 2017. The goal of these fellowships is to create “cross-pollinators”—professionals who

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