Announcing the 2017 DLF + DHSI Cross-Pollinators

DLF is pleased to support three tuition awards for the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) in Victoria, BC, June 2017.

The goal of these fellowships is to create “cross-pollinators”—professionals who move freely among our (sometimes walled) gardens. In an increasingly networked world, DLF means to increase communication between all groups interested in the future of information, including museums, libraries, colleges and universities, and anyone working in digital collections and services.

We are pleased to announce the 2017 Cross-Pollinators: Rebecca Chung, John Edward Martin, and Chelcie Juliet Rowell.

Meet the 2017 DLF + DHSI Cross-Pollinators

Rebecca_DHSI_2016Rebecca Chung
Project Manager, Books Arts Studio, Arts, Architecture, and Engineering Library; Design Lab Residency, Shapiro Undergraduate Library; MSI degree candidate, School of Information, University of Michigan–Ann Arbor

“At present, my work explores using digital images to create material surrogates for research, teaching, and material experiences of the books from which the images came.

Attending DHSI will bring my specific and somewhat-unusual path into digital studies to bear on the larger conversations that take place under the area of digital humanities generally. It will also make possible conversations about expanding digital methods into non-computationally-driven disciplines like English and history, as well as conversations about funding and sustaining digital scholarship in research universities. As a literary historian, I learn that having a strong audience matters (for Shakespeare, for any writer), and thinking about audience in relationship to students and library users is worthwhile and important too.”

John Edward MartinJohn Edward Martin
Scholarly Communication Librarian, University of North Texas

“I am just beginning to explore the range of new technologies, resources, and professional issues related to the digital humanities. While I have a long familiarity with traditional humanities scholarship and some exposure to new digital technologies and library resources through my MLS training, I still have a lot to learn in the way of practical skills and engagement with the larger DH community. I hope to use this first visit to the Digital Humanities Summer Institute as a way to begin that engagement and also bring back some useful skills to our own library.”

Chelcie RowellChelcie Juliet Rowell
Digital Scholarship Librarian & History Liaison, Boston College

“As I grow in my career, I aspire to become a practitioner-researcher. As a practitioner, I cultivate digital scholarship by emboldening people—faculty, students, staff, community members, and myself—to become critical digital creators and users. As a researcher, I seek to practice a humanistic information science concerned with how people interpret and represent the natural and cultural world with which they interact.

As I transition from a generalist role to a role specializing in digital scholarship, I hope to connect with a community of DH practitioners at DHSI and situate my emerging ways of working within sound theory and praxis.”

Each will receive a tuition award that covers one course at DHSI 2017. Congratulations to the Cross-Pollinators, and be sure to stay tuned for their reflection pieces in the summer!

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