CLIR-DLF Affiliates


Affiliates are groups with which DLF (sometimes in partnership with our parent organization, CLIR) has forged a supportive alliance in pursuit of common goals. In some cases—as with NDSA, IIIF, and IIPC—we serve as host institution and fiscal manager for the entire affiliate org. In others—as with Taiga or Code4Lib—we host a major project for the group, such as communications infrastructure or a conference series. And sometimes we serve as an incubator for a good idea (like the DLME), roll up our sleeves with a partner (DLF + AMIA Hack Days), or create pilot projects (as with Jisc) meant to roadtest a larger affiliation.

These partnerships signal CLIR and DLF’s commitment to a vision of interdependence: working together in ways that go well beyond simple cooperation, for the benefit of all.

What's the DLF?

networked member institutions and a robust community of practice—advancing research, learning, social justice, & the public good through the creative design and wise application of digital library technologies

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