Apply Now! DLF grants to attend DPLAfest 2016

DPLAfest 2016

Thanks for all the great applications! Submissions are now CLOSED, and we will be announcing winners soon.

The Digital Library Federation (DLF) and Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) are excited to partner once again in offering DPLA + DLF Cross-Pollinator Travel Grants. The purpose of these grants is to extend the opportunity to attend DPLAfest 2016 (April 14-15 in Washington, DC) to three DLF community members. Successful applicants should be able to envision and articulate a connection between the DLF community and the work of DPLA.

The DPLA + DLF Cross-Pollinator Travel Grants are part of a broader vision for partnership between CLIR/DLF and DPLA. It is our belief that robust community support is key to the sustainability of large-scale national efforts. Connecting our energetic and talented DLF community with the work of the DPLA is a positive way to increase serendipitous collaboration around this shared digital platform. The goal of this program is to bring “cross-pollinators” to DPLAfest—active DLF community contributors who can provide unique personal perspectives, help to deepen connections between our organizations, and bring DLF community insight to exciting areas of growth and opportunity at DPLA.


Awards of up to $1,000 each from DLF will help reimburse the travel, board, and lodging expenses of attending DPLAfest 2016. Additionally, the grantees will each receive a complimentary full registration to the event ($125 value) from DPLA. Recipients will be required to write a blog post about their experience subsequent to DPLAfest; this blog post will be co-published by DLF and DPLA.


Applicants must be a staff member of a current DLF member organization and not currently working on a DPLA hub team.


Please send an email by March 14, 5 pm ET to, with the subject “DPLAFest Travel Grant: [Full Name]” and including the required content:

  1. contact information
  2. brief, one-paragraph bio and statement of need for travel funding
  3. a one-paragraph statement of intent, about how attending DPLAfest might expand your professional horizons, what you hope to learn, and how you intend to bring skills or ideas from the DLF community to DPLAfest, and DPLAfest ideas back to the DLF community.

Applications are due March 14, 2016, and awards are only available to participants from DLF member institutions. (Check your eligibility.) Candidates will be notified of their status no later than March 21, 2016.


Award winners will be selected by DLF and DPLA staff in partnership. In assessing the applications, we will look for a demonstrated commitment to digital library work, and will consider the degree to which participation might enhance communication and collaboration between the DLF and DPLA communities. We are particularly seeking applicants who are enthusiastic about joining a broader community of “DLF cross-pollinators“—professionals who move freely among our (sometimes walled) gardens. In an increasingly networked world, DLF means to increase communication among groups interested in the future of information, including museums, libraries, colleges and universities, and anyone working in digital collections and services.

Past Winners

Meet last year’s DPLA + DLF Cross-Pollinators, and read a post in memoriam Sabra Statham.

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