Revitalized Community Calendar Now Online

about the calendar

We’ve recently improved and revitalized the international DLF community calendar — for all things related to digital libraries & archives, DH, museums & cultural heritage, data curation, open science, digital publishing, and more!

The calendar has been in operation as a crowdsourced community resource since 2009, when it was founded by former CLIR postdoc Amanda French with a focus on digital humanities conferences. DLF expanded its scope in 2015, gave it some design love last week, and will be maintaining it as a one-stop-shop for events that matter to our members and broader community.

The new calendar is online at its original URL (as a standalone site), and can be subscribed to or downloaded, and embedded in your website as we’ve done here.

Ways to get involved with the community calendar:

1. Volunteer to help us keep it up to date for your region, field, or interests! It’s a breeze to set you up with access as an editor (and if you’re already a Google calendar user, it’s seamless to toggle back and forth). Send an email to and we’ll get you going. (No big commitment required.)

2. Drop us a line to suggest events for inclusion in the calendar, whether it’s something you’re planning, attending, or just see passing by on your screen.

3. Planning an event? You may find it helpful to consult the calendar when considering dates. And please let us know as soon as you’ve got your dates locked down so we can help publicize your meeting and prevent conflicts!

4. Are you a developer or designer who wants to add functionality or help us improve the interface? Send a pull request.

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