Announcing the 2015 DPLA + DLF Cross-Pollinators

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2015 DPLA + DLF Cross-Pollinator Travel Grants. The DPLA + DLF Cross-Pollinator Travel Grants is the first of a series of collaborations between CLIR/DLF and the Digital Public Library of America. It is our belief that the key to sustainability of large-scale national efforts require robust community support. Connecting DPLA’s work to the energetic and talented DLF community is a positive way to increase serendipitous collaboration around this shared digital platform.

The goal of the DPLA + DLF Travel Grants is to bring cross-pollinators—active DLF community contributors who can provide unique perspectives and share the vision of DPLA from their perspective—to the conference. The travel grants include DPLAfest 2015 conference registration, travel costs, meals, and lodging in Indianapolis.


Meet the 2015 DPLA + DLF Cross-Pollinators

DLF not pictured

Benjamin Armintor
Programmer/Analyst, Columbia University Libraries

I have a tendency to get mixed up in a lot of projects, which makes a multilayered, open-source effort like DPLA a natural area of interest. I’m excited to hear about what people are doing with open data GLAM platforms like DPLA. I hope to find some like-minded folks in Indianapolis who would be willing to hack on a DPLA/Blacklight project.

Sabra Statham

Sabra Statham, Ph.D.
Project Coordinator: The People’s Contest
Office of Scholarly Communications, Penn State University

I am a scholar of American Music and have been involved in digitization outreach activities in small local archives in Pennsylvania for the past five years. I am looking forward to hearing more about New Service Hub Initiative.

Laura Wrubel

Laura Wrubel
E-Resources Content Manager, The George Washington University

As a librarian managing e-resources, I’m involved in the interesting and challenging work of improving discovery, search, and access to a wide range of web resources and data. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with the DPLA API as part of a research leave project to build up my coding skills and understand how DPLA’s resources might be explored alongside other digital collections. I’m looking forward to participating in DPLAfest and joining others to find new ways to connect researchers and students with DPLA’s growing database and platform.



Scott W. H. Young
Digital Initiatives Librarian, Montana State University Library

I design and develop the web from a user experience perspective. At Montana State University Library, I am a member of the Informatics & Computing Department and lead UX research and web analytics reporting. My work focuses on front-end web design, digital library development, information architecture, search engine optimization, and social media community building.

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