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Kelsey Rosell
Kelsey Rosell

This Forum Sponsor Update was provided by Kelsey Rosell, Director of Sales North America, Symplectic Ltd.

Over the past few years, the role of librarians continues to evolve at a research institution. Librarians now find themselves becoming more involved with digital curation, linking data, altmetrics and repository integration. In 2014, their focus is beginning to shift towards Open Access, as institutions and funders begin to introduce their own mandates and initiatives. At their core though, librarians are still community managers; they manage and disseminate information about their researchers and about their institution, in a plethora of ways.

Here at Symplectic, we work with a lot of librarians from around the world. Recently, one of our major development efforts has focused on reducing the administrative burden surrounding publication deposit, policy advice and other Open Access related issues, often by working closely with librarians at our client institutions. Symplectic has been sponsoring the DLF for a number of years now as it provides a wonderful place to meet with real library practitioners and discuss the new challenges they face with their digital collections. I hope we can add some value to the discussions with our own practical software experience. I look forward to many conversations.

Thanks again.  I am looking forward to seeing you.

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