Participants’ Presentations, Publications, and Collaborative Projects


Select presentations, publications, and microgrants created about/through Authenticity Project

Presentations by former participants

Conference Presentations 

HBCU-LA Program Sessions at the DLF Forum 

In an effort to encourage DLF members to engage with HBCU-LA activities through presentations at the DLF Forum (a program goal), DLF staff worked with HBCU-LA leadership to offer a session specifically designed for HBCU-LA member library workers to present on a topic or topics of their choice in a format of their choosing. HBCU-LA leadership created a call for participants and distributed it to their members. 

These sessions included: 

The DLF Forum Online, 2020 

Digitally Documenting and Preserving the Heritage of HBCU Institutions (HBCULA Partner Combo Session)

We Were Here: Making HBCU Collections Digitally Accessible Through Grants
Speakers: Holly Smith, Jessica Leming

The Atlanta University Center Robert W. Woodruff Library is home to extensive archival collections that document the history of HBCU education, campus and student life, and the development of higher education in Atlanta, along with collections related to civic and social organizations of Black communities in and around the south.

The Early Beginnings of SC State University
Speakers: Avery Daniels

This presentation highlights the early years of SC State University from 1896-1911 under the University’s first president, Thomas E. Miller.

Archives Bringing Oakwood to Life
Speakers: Barbara Stovall

The Oakwood University Archives was established in 1973, as a depository of historical records. Its aim is to preserve source materials related to Oakwood University, its constituents, and the community with reliable resources. The information housed includes but not limited to photographs, historical documents, yearbooks, and presidential papers.

The DLF Forum Online, 2021

Engagement for Achievement: Digitization, Library Operations, and Student Success (HBCULA Partner Session)

Building a Sustainable Digital Portal to Rosenwald: Lessons and takeaways from one year of planning
Speakers: DeLisa Minor Harris, Danni Wynans

The Textbook Transformation Grants Sub-Awards: Textbook Savings for Students at HBCUs
Speaker: Ruth A. Hodges

The DLF Forum, 2022 (Baltimore, MD)

Authenticity Project Fellows Present Their Work

In this session, Fellows of the Authenticity Project, an IMLS-funded program hosted jointly by the HBCU Library Alliance and the Council on Library and Information Resources/Digital Library Federation, presented their work in the style of lightning talks (5 minutes each), followed by time for questions from the audience.

Sloane Clark presented “Bridgerton Gumbo,” focusing on creating an online exhibition of painter Andrew Lamar Hopkins’ work based on the histories of free Creole people in New Orleans.

Martina Dodd presented “Teaching through Collaboration,” in which she demonstrated the educational potential of object-based teaching and learning to enhance curriculum through pedagogical case studies.

Gregory Hill presented “Converting from Dewey to Library of Congress,” in which he described some of the surprise opportunities, challenges, and successes of converting the main collection in his library to support learning outcomes.

Vanesa Evers presented “Converting and Archiving a Literary Journal to Open Journal Systems Platform,” in which attendees learned how the Atlanta University Center Robert W. Woodruff Library adapted the Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform to meet the specific needs for archiving Aunt Chole, a literary journal published by Spelman College.

Jocelyne (Jocy) Caldera presented “Gamification in the Archives!: Building a virtual escape room,” in which attendees heard how Jocy built a small, free virtual escape room for Bennett College’s 150th anniversary celebration using digital collections. She provided an overview of Bennett College’s collections, demo the current prototype, and discuss student feedback.

Closing Plenary Session Recordings and Other Resources

Recordings of both featured speaker sessions and all panels from Toward Radical Imagination are available in a playlist on CLIR/DLF’s YouTube page ( and are embedded on the event website (, which exists indefinitely. 

Other resources are available on the event website, including reports, music playlists made specifically for the audience of this event, other related websites, and more. Additionally, information about each speaker and sessions is available on the website. 

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