Meet the 2021 DLF Forum Community Journalists

2021 DLF Forum Community Journalists

The 2021 DLF Forum, like last year’s event, will take place online again November 1-3. Because we aren’t convening in person and registration is low-cost, we decided to reprise last year’s extremely successful Community Journalist program.

The guiding purpose of this year’s DLF Forum is once again community-based; this year, we are planning our events to be a sustaining experience for our community. Our Community Journalist program will again help us highlight new voices from in the field.

We will again be providing $250 stipends to a cohort of 10 DLF Forum attendees from a variety of backgrounds and feature their voices and experiences on the DLF blog after our events this fall. Read what last year’s Community Journalists had to say about their experiences at the 2020 DLF Forum.

Head to the DLF Forum website to meet this year’s outstanding cohort!

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