Library Web Services Programmer, California State University, Channel Islands

California State University, Channel Islands (CI) is the newest campus in the California State University system.  CI has been named a Great Campus to Work For by as the Chronicle of Higher Education for four consecutive years. CI’s John Spoor Broome Library is a digital teaching library, which strives to deconstruct traditional library technical and public services in order to provide innovative digital services for its students, faculty, and staff. There is no one way that something has been done before, and a culture of why would we want there to be.

CI is looking for a Library Web Services Programmer to support the web based application development needs of the Library. The position is responsible for the development and integration of web based applications that support the needs of the Library, and will focus on all aspects of the development process including the: design, development, implementation, enhancement, documentation and support of web applications that provide access to the Library’s digital content collections. Duties include web-based Software development and integration particularly focused on the implementation and enhancement of access to the Library’s digital content; providing technical assistance to and consultation with Library faculty and staff; creating both internal and end-user documentation; and serving as a liaison between the Library and Technology & Communication. Requirements include a BS in Computer Science or related degree experience, and experience building and supporting modern web based applications with an excellent command of web standards and modern web development practices; excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

We a looking for a friendly, collaborative and personal engaging approach to supporting user needs, and the ability to work in a team environment and independently. We are also looking for someone with experience supporting the technical needs of Academic Libraries and their patrons, common and open source web application programming/scripting languages (PHP, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, .NET, AJAX), and responsive Web Applications using modern web standards (HTML5 and CSS3). Plus experience building, managing and using custom, open or vendor supplied API’s, especially ExLibris and Serial Solutions; connecting, using and manipulating data from databases (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle); using code repositories (SVN, github, CVS, etc.); and supporting systems (content management systems, digital asset managers, cloud services, etc.). We probably also want other things too, but don’t know it yet. So do submit an application letting us know that you have all of the above plus some extra added bonus that my help us meet our goals.

More information and our nightmare of an application system can be found at

Steve Stratton
Interim Assoc. Vice President
Broome Library
CSU Channel Islands
1 University Dr
Camarillo, CA 93012
805 437 8913

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