Highlights from Linked Data and Libraries 2011

Linked Data and Libraries 2011 was held at the British Library Conference Centre in London on Thursday, July 14, 2011. Below find a selection of sessions and slideshows.

View the afternoon session below, or view the morning session here.

Video streaming by Ustream

On the day of the conference, the British Library also introduced their new approach to publishing the British National Bibliography using linked data practices. Users can now preview the first subset of the LOD BNB, including books published or distributed in the UK since 2005, via the search service, the describe endpoint, and the SPARQL endpoint. Below are slides from a presentation by Neil Wilson, who heads the British Library’s Metadata Services, outlining the process behind creating the library’s LOD model.

Establishing the Connection: Creating a Linked Data Version of the BNB

View more presentations from nw13

Play with example records of an organization and a publication from the BNB preview.

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