DLF Working Group on Labor in Digital Libraries

The DLF Working Group on Labor in Digital Libraries, Archives, and Museums is a new group launched in 2017 by organizer Ruth Tillman. Please read the announcement and get involved.

Get Involved

At this early stage, the DLF group on Labor in Digital Libraries, Archives, and Museums is looking for all levels of commitment from willingness to be a co-leader of the Working Group to dropping in to point out a good article/blog post/someone-doing-this-already we may not have seen.

The Google Group will be used for coordination of meetings and work. Please sign up! (and be sure to adjust your settings to receive mail)

If you would not like to join the group but have thoughts on the issue and would like to provide initial input, please email Ruth Tillman at ruthtillman [at] gmail [dot] com or use this Google Form (based on the ideas above) to submit your suggestions for our focus/volunteer to be involved in some way: https://goo.gl/ivPBdo

The DLF wiki will be used to post an overview of the group, minutes from the meetings, suggested readings, and timelines of the group. Those interested in following but unable to be involved or to be involved yet may follow its progress there.

Current sub-groups are focused on the following:

As a DLF Working Group, this group will operate under the DLF’s Code of Conduct.


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