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Kelsey Rosell, Symplectic
Kelsey Rosell

This sponsor update is by Kelsey Rosell, Director of Sales North America, Symplectic.

The DLF Forum is one of the most coveted library events of the year and Symplectic are excited to be sponsors. With nearly all content moving online, libraries are under increasing pressure to evolve with the ways their readers are consuming content. The scope of moving a library’s collections online is however sometimes lost on the general consumer. With over a decade of experience working in the academic sector, Symplectic has been witness to the many changes that have come about from the advent of the digital age. Many libraries are facing budget cuts and funding constraints but are expected to implement systems that are on par with the way we consume content through other means (news sites, social media etc.). This means that they have to find innovative ways to manage their digital collections. The DLF provides a place for real library practitioners from around the world to share their experiences with, and methods of preserving digital collections to keep up with information sharing in this age. Symplectic are excited to be part of this forum and hear first hand the challenges that our colleagues in the industry are facing on a daily basis. We look forward to adding value to the discussion.

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