DLF Welcomes 29 New Member Institutions

The Digital Library Federation continues to grow by leaps and bounds—now totaling 138 members, and representing an increasingly diverse constituency. Twenty-nine new institutions have joined the DLF community in our 2015-2016 membership year. They include museums, consortia, and colleges and universities of many sizes and areas of expertise. We are pleased to welcome the following members to DLF:

DLF welcomes any organization engaged in building or using digital library services and technologies, including archives, libraries and library service organizations, publishers, museums, and vendors interested in deep engagement with digital library practitioners. Each of our new members has been invited to share its work via DLF’s Contribute blog, so look for those stories over the next several months.

Thank you so much to all the institutions that have newly become members—and to others who have recently joined or been long-term supporters of the DLF community, now in its 20th year. We look forward to seeing many of you at the DLF Forum in Vancouver this October!

About DLF

The Digital Library Federation is a robust and diverse community of practitioners who advance research, learning, and the public good through digital library technologies. DLF serves as a resource and catalyst for collaboration among its institutional members and all who are invested in digital library issues.

DLF promotes work on the following:

  • Open digital library standards, software, interfaces, and best practices
  • Digital stewardship and curation, including research data management and aggregation and preservation services for digital collections
  • Digital humanities and other services that expand access to resources and open new opportunities for research, teaching, and learning
  • Education, professional development, lifelong learning, and growth of the field
  • Connections among digital library practitioners and allied professions and areas of research
  • Community-driven frameworks for policy advocacy, professional standards, issues of representation and diversity, and other matters of concern to digital library practitioners

The Digital Library Federation is a program of CLIR, the Council on Library and Information Resources. It stands out as a key place where strategy meets and is informed by practice, connecting CLIR’s vision and research agenda to our active practitioner network, and where the work of the DLF practitioner community becomes legible and can shape larger, strategic directions in cultural heritage, research, and higher education.

The organization is led by DLF director Dr. Bethany Nowviskie, with guidance from CLIR president Dr. Charles Henry, the CLIR Board, and DLF’s distinguished Advisory Committee, in response to and support of the work and contributions of DLF community members. Programmatic directions and initiatives are driven by discussions at the annual DLF Forum. Funding for DLF initiatives comes from membership dues and grants.

Find out how being part of DLF can benefit your institution and learn more about membership here: www.diglib.org/members/join

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