DLF Advisory Committee

Our distinguished advisory committee counsels DLF director Bethany Nowviskie on matters relating to program activities, initiatives, partnerships, and strategy. The committee is comprised of five CLIR Board members and five elected members of the DLF community.

Advisory Committee Members

Dan Cohen: CLIR Board member and Director, Digital Public Library of America

Patricia Hswe: DLF Community Advisor 2013-2016 (1st term); Program Officer for Scholarly Communications, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Max Marmor: CLIR Board member and President, Samuel H. Kress Foundation

Trevor Muñoz: DLF Community Advisor 2013-2016 (1st term); Associate Director of MITH and Assistant Dean for Digital Humanities Research, University of Maryland Libraries

Stephen Rhind-Tutt: CLIR Board member and President, Alexander Street Press

David Rumsey: CLIR Board member and DLF Advisory Board chair; Founder, David Rumsey Map Collection; and President, Cartography Associates

Bess Sadler: DLF Community Advisor 2013-2016 (1st term); Manager for Application Development, Digital Library Systems, Stanford University Library

Sarah Shreeves: DLF Community Advisor 2014-2017 (2nd term); Associate Dean for Digital Strategies, University of Miami

Winston Tabb: CLIR Board member and Sheridan Dean of University Libraries and Museums, Johns Hopkins University

Jennifer Vinopal: DLF Community Advisor 2014-2017 (2nd term); Librarian for Digital Scholarship Initiatives, New York University