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Introducing the TIND Digital Archive


2022 is TIND’s first time attending DLF Forum and we’re excited to take this opportunity to introduce you to the TIND Digital Archive!

In short, TIND DA is a digital collection software used to showcase and preserve any digital collection, including photographs, books, manuscripts, newspapers, and audiovisual material.

Users include large institutions such as UC Berkeley or the United Nations, managing millions of files in TIND DA and with established, ongoing digitization workflows to continuously load new material into TIND DA.

At the same time, TIND DA also proves to be a highly efficient system for smaller institutions and collections, including users such as Skidmore College and Millersville University.


Curious to learn more about TIND DA? Come hear our VP of Product, Andrew French, speak about TIND DA in our conference presentation on Tuesday at 10:15 am.

The presentation will provide an overview of TIND DA and our unique metadata structure, as well as cover why the UC Berkeley Library is excited to be using TIND DA.

You’ll also find us at our booth throughout the whole conference if you’d like to chat more. We look forward to seeing everyone!

Join us in Baltimore October 9-13, 2022; October 9: Learn@DLF; October 10-12: 2022 DLF Forum, October 12-13: NDSA Digital Preservation/Digitizing Hidden Collections symposium

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