GOKb & KB+: An International Partnership to leverage Open Access and Community Participation for the improvement of eContent MetaData

Session Type: Research/Project Update

Session Description:
This research update will feature leaders from the GOKb and KB+ projects.

GOKb was funded in June 2012 by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to build a community-sourced knowledgebase for access to electronic resource metadata. It aims to enhance the supply chain lifecycle for libraries in managing electronic resources, mobilizing community effort to add quality, timeliness and economies to the library management environment. The project is a joint international initiative between the Kuali OLE Partners and JISC Collections. Kuali OLE is the one of the largest academic library software collaborations in the US and JISC Collections is a membership organization, established by the UK Higher and Further Education funding councils, to support the procurement of digital content for education and research.

JISC Collections is also running KB+, the companion UK project focused primarily on developing trusted data and workflows for locally negotiated e-resource packages. The project recognizes the value of the GOKb international effort in establishing the same quality of data for global titles and packages. On account of its national remit, the KB+ project also includes consortia features relating to licensing and entitlement data, which would otherwise be part of an institutionally maintained ERM.

In this presentation we will discuss how the two projects have collaborated internationally to address globally-identified operational problems, leading to convergent roadmaps that include shared solution transfer formats (KBART-based), data models (building on ERMI), rules base and re-use of the Kuali OLE document store repository.

Session Leaders:
Michael Winkler, University of Pennsylvania
Robert McDonald, Indiana University
David Kay, Sero Consulting
Liam Earney, JISC Collections

Session Notes:
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Session Slides:

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