2011 DLF Forum Update: Call for Ideas

Planning for the 2011 DLF Forum has begun, and we are creating opportunities to open up the process to the whole DLF community.

The DLF Program Committee seeks open community input on what you would like to hear about at the 2011 Forum Meeting in Baltimore. An open document has been created for the purpose of collecting ideas.

Please submit your suggestions for topics, formats, speakers, or other activities by Friday, May 20th.

Results will be announced soon after, which will inform a call for proposals.

For the most recent news about the 2011 Forum, you can subscribe to the Forum News Feed, or go to the 2011 DLF Forum web page.

The Program Planning Committee (PCC)  will using the web site and news feed to post updates and information about the Forum’s venue, registration, meeting logistics, and, most importantly, how to participate in the planning process.

Thanks for your time and contributions!

The 2011 Forum Program Planning Committee
Charles Blair
Declan Fleming
Rachel Frick
Kevin Hawkins
Delphine Khanna
Bethany Nowviskie
David Reynolds
Jenn Riley
Sarah Shreeves
Joan Starr
Jennifer Vinopal
Melissa Wisner


  1. Helen Tibbo
    Helen TibboMay 2,11

    Dear DLF Folks,
    I’d love to have some focus on the role university libraries and their institutional repositories (whatever these are called in various environments) may have/are having/could have/should have in data storage, collaboration, etc. This needs to explore campus-wide policy decisions and the decision process and the interplay of libraries, IRs, and ITS. Seems like there are great opportunities for libraries here. -Helen

  2. Kevin Ashley
    Kevin AshleyMay 2,11

    I second Helen’s idead, and have added something (though not so detailed) to the online document.

  3. Deborah Holmes-Wong
    Deborah Holmes-WongMay 4,11

    SaaS and hosted digital libraries, while not cutting edge are up for consideration at many institutions as a way to reduce the cost of maintaining digital libraries. What are the implications for preservation, access, discoverability, scalability, flexibility? Who are the players? How are academic institutions stepping in to fill this roll?

  4. Katherine Kott
    Katherine KottMay 10,11

    *User centered design for digital library systems and services.
    *Related to Helen’s suggestion–insuring data curation service development meets scholars’ needs.
    *Following up on last year’s Project Managers workshop, transformation of digital library development “shops” in academic research libraries. Moving from running soft-funded experiments to operating base-funded mission critical services. What are the business models? What are the development models?