Announcing the 2015 AMIA + DLF Cross-Pollinators

Association of Moving Image Archivists and DLF are pleased to support two travel grants for the AMIA Conference and third annual DLF/AMIA Hack Day in Portland, OR, November 18-21, 2015.

The goal of the AMIA + DLF Travel Awards is to bring to the conference “cross-pollinators”— developers and software engineers who can provide unique perspectives to moving image and sound archivists’ work with digital materials, share a vision of the library world from their perspective, and enrich the Hack Day event.

We are pleased to announce the 2015 Cross-Pollinators, Cora Johnson-Roberson and Samuel Gutterman!

Meet the 2015 AMIA + DLF Cross-Pollinators

Cora Johnson-RobersonCora Johnson-Roberson
Ph.D Candidate at Brown University

“I’m a digital ethnomusicologist, studying Black LGBTQ music and dance performance through ethnography of live events and computational analysis of recorded media. I’m excited to talk with and learn from a bevy of presenters at AMIA addressing similar questions of access and discoverability to those that arise in my own work. I have experience developing tools that can facilitate the analysis and visualization/sonification of large text and audio collections.”

Samuel Gutterman

Samuel Gutterman
Systems Administrator at Bay Area Video Coalition

“My role as a systems administrator for the Bay Area Video Coalition has recently been expanded to include the supervision of digital preservation strategies. At AMIA I will be on the front lines, engaging with a variety of field specialists on the current preservation landscape: the challenges moving image archivists face, the risks posed to the physical and digital materials, and the standards, best practices, and ethics that guide decision-making. Understanding these issues on the ground level will enable me to be proactive in my work with our preserved materials and employ methodologies that are archivally sound. What I can offer attendees to Hack Day is encouragement through accessible explanations of programs and programming language; how they work and how they can automate procedures to streamline workflows.”

Each will receive an award of up to $1,000 towards travel, board, and lodging expenses, as well as complimentary full registration ($450), to attend the AMIA conference. The award also includes complimentary registration for the 2016 DLF Forum in Milwaukee (November 7-9 2016) for recipients who submit a successful proposal reflecting on the cross-pollination experience and any related subsequent work.

Congratulations to the Cross-Pollinators! Look for their AMIA reflection blog posts in December.

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