User Experience (UX) Content Strategist, California Digital Library

The California Digital Library (CDL) supports the education, research, and public service mission of the University of California in partnership with the ten campus University of California Libraries system. The CDL has four core programs: Access & Publishing; Collection Development; Discovery & Delivery; and the UC Curation Center. As a member of the CDL User Experience (UX) Team, the Digital Communications Specialist will work to collaboratively support the CDL program and service managers in the development, improvement, and maintenance of complex systemwide services, websites, and digital properties. The primary user base for CDL services and programs include UC faculty, students and UC Libraries staff.

The UX Content Strategist will apply advanced knowledge of website design and content strategy to digital communications with the goal of providing clear, compelling and useful information to CDL service users. Draw upon deep knowledge of the complete user-centered design cycle (user research, content strategy and development, and interaction design) to both lead and participate in web and content development projects. Regularly work to solve complex service and communication problems where analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth evaluation of variable and nuanced factors.

The UX Content Strategist will cooperatively develop and oversee an overall content strategy for the primary CDL organizational website, as well as assume responsibility for future site redesign and implementation projects. Ensure that CDL’s communications needs and requirements are met through the organizational website and other emerging digital communication channels.


  • Develop and oversee an overall content strategy for the primary California Digital Library organizational website. Identify new content needs and manage process for meeting those needs, including: audience research; developing and producing new web content; improving quality, currency, and accessibility of existing content; managing content inventories; and strategizing with content stakeholders on defining and meeting site and service objectives.
  • Design and configure complex material to utilize digital communication resources to their full potential. Provide expert advice and counsel on all facets of website and web services design, including usability and overall effectiveness of communication. Partner with CDL service managers on improving the findability and usefulness of their services by integrating a range of end-to-end design considerations as needed, such as responsive web design, search engine optimization, and web analytic tools.
  • Guide external vendors in determining the visual look and feel for user interface components and page layout while adhering to UC design and branding guidelines.
  • In partnership with CDL UX team members, collaborate on the planning, design, execution and analysis of assessment and research activities on behalf of CDL program and service managers.
  • Generate and/or analyze functional specifications documents using various user data inputs from direct end-users (faculty, students, UC library staff), project stakeholders (CDL service managers, UC library staff), and other data sources, e.g., Google Analytics. Generate the full range of UX design documents, including workflow mockups, interactive wireframes, and creative briefs. Create, and communicate about, functional designs of complex user interfaces to stakeholders, service managers, web producers, and developers.
  • Work in concert with the UX team in developing and exploring common UX and digital communications work practices, assessment and design techniques, and tools to be utilized across all CDL design-based projects.

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