Recent CLIR/DLF Reports

The Problem of Data
by Lori Jahnke and Andrew Asher, and Spencer D. C. Keralis
with an introduction by Charles Henry
August 2012

Core Infrastructure Considerations for Large Digital Libraries
by Geneva Henry
July 2012

Linked Data for Libraries, Museums, and Archives: Survey and Workshop Report
October 2011


Supporting Humanities Doctoral Student Success: A Collaborative Project between Cornell University Library and Columbia University Libraries
by Gabriela Castro Gessner, Damon E. Jaggars, Jennifer Rutner, and Kornelia Tancheva
October 2011

Bibliographic Indeterminacy and the Scale of Problems and Opportunities of “Rights” in Digital Collection Building

by John P. Wilkin
February 2011

Past DLF publications are available at the CLIR publications page.

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