Registry of Digital Masters: Service Review

From a concept eleven years ago to practice in 2005, the DLF/OCLC Registry of Digital Masters (RDM) was developed jointly project by the Digital Library Federation (DLF) and OCLC for two main reasons: To provide the coordination and organization of the digitizing of print materials between institutions and to prevent the unnecessary duplication when digitizing those materials.The Registry of Digital Masters has now matured into a functional registry with 4.5 million records.

DLF and OCLC are reviewing the RDM service  to determine the success of the Registry and if changes need to be made to meet the needs of the current and future users.We are examining who uses the Registry, how it is used, what users need and desire from the Registry, and what potential future uses and needs the RDM must meet.

We are asking DLF community members to please participate in a brief survey.

Your comments can help us to determine the future development of the RDM.

If you are interested in the RDM and want to learn more, or contribute to assessment efforts, go to the RDM Interest Group page.

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