Nominations Sought for DLF Advisory Committee

The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) is seeking nominations for appointments to the Digital Library Federation (DLF) Advisory Committee. The committee advises the DLF director on matters relating to program activity and initiatives, budget, and strategy. Members serve three-year terms, with the possible option to renew for an additional term at the discretion of the committee chair.

When the DLF was reintegrated with CLIR in 2008, an ad hoc advisory committee was formed to guide the transition. To ensure continued success of the DLF as a CLIR program, CLIR’s Board of Directors decided in 2011 to make the ad hoc committee a formal committee of the CLIR Board. The DLF Advisory Committee includes CLIR Board members as well as three non-Board representatives from the broader DLF community

The current committee includes CLIR Board members Steven Rhind-Tutt, Winston Tabb, and David Rumsey (Committee Chair). Two of the three DLF community member positions are currently held by Sarah Shreeves (UIUC) and Jennifer Vinopal (NYU). A vacancy opened up for the third position when Tito Sierra left MIT and resigned his committee position.

We are inviting members of the DLF community to contribute names to fill the vacant position. Once nominations are collected, a list of names will be sent back to the community for a vote. The top five candidates will be put forward to CLIR’s Executive Board, which will make the final selection for the DLF Advisory Committee.

Having active DLF community members engaged in DLF governance ensures that the program remains viable and relevant. Not only do DLF at-large members contribute to the success of the DLF program, but they also gain a better understanding of CLIR’s governance and operations.

Please submit your nominations using this form by 5:00 pm, EST, January 15, 2014:


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