NDSA Welcomes Two New Members

Today, the NDSA Coordinating Committee unanimously voted to welcome two new members. Each of these members bring a host of skills and experience to our group. Please help us to welcome:

  • University of Wisconsin – Parkside: UW Parkside’s primary mission is to document the history of the University of Wisconsin – Parkside by collecting both analog and digital materials from across campus, including two predecessor institutions (UW-Kenosha and UW-Racine).  Most of their digital content consists of materials which have been digitized, but are receiving more born digital content from the university. They have also begun to work on community-driven digital collections and have worked with the Parkside and local communities to collect materials related to the pandemic, and with professors and students to preserve Community-Based Learning projects.
  • Town of Concord Archives: The mission of the Town Archives is to collect, catalog, preserve, and provide access to the permanent and historically significant records of the Town of Concord Government. The Town Archives supports the Town and its residents by preserving Town records and making these records known and available to researchers, students, genealogists, scholars, authors, and anyone else who may wish to research the workings and history of New England town government. The Town of Concord Archives has recently begun its journey in digital preservation with digitization projects, born-digital record collecting, and digital preservation systems.

Each organization has participants in one or more of the various NDSA interest and working groups, so keep an eye out for them on your calls and be sure to give them a shout out. Please join me in welcoming our new members. A complete list of NDSA members is on our website.

In future, NDSA is moving to a quarterly process for reviewing membership applications. Announcements for new members will be scheduled accordingly.

~ Nathan Tallman, Vice Chair of the NDSA Coordinating Committee

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