NASIG’s Digital Preservation Committee Creates Model Digital Preservation Policy

This guest post is from Steve Oberg, Social Media Coordinator at NASIG and Acquisitions and Discovery Services Group Manager at Wheaton College’s Buswell Library.

In June of this year, NASIG’s Digital Preservation Committee announced publication of the NASIG Model Digital Preservation Policy, an important new tool designed to help measure, grow, and publicize your organization’s commitment to preserving its scholarship. It includes advice on identifying and taking first steps, as well as more advanced options and activities, and provides opportunities to share and refine professional experiences. Developed in informal collaboration with the Library Publishing Coalition and the Society for Scholarly Publishing, the model policy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License with hopes for wide use or reuse.

“This is a fantastic resource for any organization or institution that wishes to preserve the valuable digital content in its collections and a great example of collaboration between NASIG and its colleagues within the wider information community” said Ted Westervelt, Past President of NASIG.

Jennifer Regala from the American Urological Association said, “Developing a preservation policy is so important for publishers of all kinds. This model policy is the first of its kind. Written with publishers in mind, it is a valuable, accessible tool developed by library preservation experts and library/society/university presses. I applaud NASIG’s leadership in bringing diverse stakeholders together to collaborate in this fruitful way.”

Release of the model policy has generated tremendous interest and stimulated organizations to progress in developing their own policies. The new model policy was featured in well attended sessions at The Charleston Conference in November, as well as at NISO Plus 2022. At the Charleston Conference session, for example, Edinburgh Diamond told attendees how they developed their own policy drawing inspiration from NASIG’s model policy.

NASIG has a strong history of developing resources for the benefit of the broader community. The NASIG Model Digital Preservation Policy complements other publications including its well-regarded Core Competencies for Scholarly Communication Librarians, Core Competencies for Electronic Resources Librarians, and Core Competencies for Print Serials Management.

NASIG is an independent, non-profit organization working to advance and transform the management of information resources. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate and improve the distribution, acquisition, and long-term accessibility of information resources in all formats and business models.

We hope that members of the NDSA community will also find this useful. Questions about the policy can be emailed to

~ Posted on behalf of NASIG’s Digital Preservation Committee


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