Openings: 3 positions at Johns Hopkins University, Sheridan Libraries

The Sheridan Libraries at Johns Hopkins University (JHU), the lead institution for Data Conservancy, are hiring two data management planning consultants and a data management planning service manager as part of a new service to be launched July 1. This data management planning service will use Data Conservancy technology and offer both pre-award consultation and post-award data management for JHU PIs of NSF grants. JHU PIs can use this service to develop their two-page data management plans according to NSF guidelines and specific curation capabilities available through this service. For successful proposals, JHU PIs will be able to deposit their data into a preservation ready infrastructure based on technology developed through the first 18 months of prototyping through the Data Conservancy. Through this infrastructure, JHU PIs will be able to share their data, search and query the data and, when appropriate, provide long-term access through the preservation framework.

The first two consulting positions have a start date of July 1. The service manager is scheduled to begin October 1. The job descriptions for the data management planning consultants are available at:

The job description for the manager of data management planning services is available at:

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