Service Frameworks

In 2005, DLF established a Services Framework Initiative. The main purpose of this work group was to understand and communicate the business processes of libraries in the new world of digital information, and to relate them to emerging services. It was intended to provide the community with a roadmap and a common reference vocabulary around which to organize collective attention to library services in a changing networked environment.

A preliminary report was published in May 2005. In 2006, Geneva Henry was named as a CLIR Distinguished Fellow to lead this effort forward.

An article was published in the July/August 2006 issue of D-Lib magazine, and a presentation given at the 2007 DigCCurr conference.

Today, there are many “service framework” efforts in the digital library community. Some examples include:

Curation Micro-services

Developed by the California Digital Library, Microservices are an approach to digital curation based on devolving curation function into a set of independent,but interoperable, services that embody curation values and strategies. The initial set of micro-services can be grouped into four categories that provide incrementally increasing levels of preservation assurance and curation value. For more information and documentation, consult the UC3 Curation Wiki.

Kuali OLE

Kuali OLE (pronounced Oh-LAY) intends to deliver an enterprise-ready, community source software package for academic and research libraries and a governance model in which the entire library community can collaborate to own and govern the resulting intellectual property. OLE will enable this through the use of the Kuali RICE middleware and service bus; thus providing libraries a connection to a true services oriented framework that has connections to applications for finance, student services, research administration and other areas of information management for higher education. For more on Kuali OLE see and for more on Kuali Rice see


Please send us information on other efforts that should be listed here.

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