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Want to get involved in a DLF Working Group, but don’t know where to start? More detailed info is available through the Groups Overview and on each one’s page, but here are some hints for getting started. Groups welcome new members year-round, and you do not have to be affiliated with a DLF member institution to join. (In fact, perspectives from beyond our membership are much needed and always valued!)

Contact the group facilitator (most names and preferred contact methods are listed on the groups’ main sites), join their e-mail lists or Slack groups, and participate in an upcoming call.

DLF Group Main Site Meeting Schedule Agendas/ Projects Communications Hashtag
AIG Cultural Assessment Wiki Schedule Agenda Google Group  #dlfaig
AIG User/UX Wiki Schedule OSF Google Group  #dlfaig
AIG Web Analytics Wiki Annotated Resource List Google Group  #dlfaig
AIG Metadata Wiki Schedule Agenda Google Group  #dlfaig
AIG Cost Assessment Wiki Digitization Cost Calculator Google Group  #dlfaig
Digital Library Pedagogy Wiki Current Projects List Google Group  #DLFteach
Records Transparency and Accountability Wiki Schedule Minutes Google Group  #DLFgrt
Labor in Digital Libraries Wiki Subgroup Signup Form Google Group
DLF Project Managers Wiki PM Toolkit Listserv
DLF Born-Digital Access Working Group Bootcamp Curriculum Google Group  #bdaccess
DLF Metadata Support Group Wiki Metadata Resource List Slack
Digital Scholarship Working Group Wiki Google Group #DLFds
Privacy & Ethics in Technology (PET) Wiki Listserv  #panoptitech
DLF Committee for Equity and Inclusion (CEI) Wiki Agendas Google Group
Digital Accessibility Wiki #DLFa11y
DLF Museums Cohort Agendas & Shared Documents Listserv;


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