Born-Digital Access Group

The Born-Digital Access Group’s activities center around researching born-digital access practices and developing an archivist bootcamp to share ideas and tools for providing access to born-digital materials.

Here’s your invitation to join

The group’s open bootcamp curriculum was piloted at the 2017 New England Archivists Spring Meeting, and course materials are viewable in the shared Google Drive folder and the bootcamp’s OSF project.

The team is currently actively exploring other venues for the bootcamp and encouraging others to use these resources to put on their own version of the program in their local archival communities. In addition to planning and administering the bootcamps, this group strives to create a community of practice and engagement around issues related to born-digital access.

The group’s main mode of communication is the Slack channel; all are welcome to join.

The group is also conducting Twitter chats (#bdaccess) to gain insight on how researchers want to access and use digital archives. You can review the chats via Storify (chat 1 and chat 2), read the chat recaps (chat 1 and chat 2), or let us know on Slack if you have ideas for a future chat.

Previous questions posed included:

  • What research topic(s) of yours and/or content types have required the use of born digital materials?
  • What challenges have you faced in accessing and/or using born digital content? Any suggested improvements?
  • What discovery methods do you think are most suitable for research with born digital material?
  • What information or tools do/could help provide the context needed to evaluate and use born digital material?
  • What information about collecting/providing access would you like to see accompanying born digital archives?
  • What is your biggest barrier to providing #bdaccess to material?
  • What do you most want to learn about providing #bdaccess?
  • What factors and priorities (whether format-based, administrative, etc) motivate your institution to provide #bdaccess?
  • Have you conducted user testing on any of your #bdaccess mechanisms?
  • Who do you rely on in providing #bdaccess or in planning to do so?

Stay tuned for more activity from the DLF Born-Digital Access Group! Please contact Dan Johnson (daniel-h-johnson [at] uiowa [dot] edu).