Born-Digital Access Group

The Born-Digital Access Group is an ad-hoc group that formed prior to and at the 2015 SAA annual meeting. Activities center around researching born-digital access practices and developing an archivist bootcamp to share ideas and tools for providing access to born-digital materials. The bootcamp will be piloted at the 2017 New England Archivists Spring Meeting.

The group is conducting Twitter chats (#bdaccess) to gain insight on how researchers want to access and use digital archives. Please review the chats via Storify (chat 1 and chat 2) or read the chat recaps (chat 1 and chat 2).

Questions posed included:

  • What research topic(s) of yours and/or content types have required the use of born digital materials?
  • What challenges have you faced in accessing and/or using born digital content? Any suggested improvements?
  • What discovery methods do you think are most suitable for research with born digital material?
  • What information or tools do/could help provide the context needed to evaluate and use born digital material?
  • What information about collecting/providing access would you like to see accompanying born digital archives?
  • What is your biggest barrier to providing #bdaccess to material?
  • What do you most want to learn about providing #bdaccess?
  • What factors and priorities (whether format-based, administrative, etc) motivate your institution to provide #bdaccess?
  • Have you conducted user testing on any of your #bdaccess mechanisms?
  • Who do you rely on in providing #bdaccess or in planning to do so?

Stay tuned for more activity from the group. For questions, please contact Dan Johnson.