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Bram Luyten, @mire
Bram Luyten

This sponsor update is by Bram Luyten, Co-Founder, @mire.

Professional DSpace support by @mire
DSpace is the most widely-used digital repository software in the world. Libraries use it to manage, collect, and share all types of digital assets including ETDs, publications, audio and video.

As a registered service provider, @mire is involved in the DSpace Open Source eco system. The free software is sustained by an international community of librarians and developers both in and outside of academia.

Services and Add-on Modules
@mire offers services that complement both the free DSpace software itself, as well as the skills of your in-house staff. During its projects, the company assists in the installation, customization and maintenance of DSpace. Clients still preserve the flexibility and benefits that come with an Open Source solution.

@mire also offers a range of add-on modules in addition to on-demand features that it develops for its customers. These modules can turn DSpace into a platform for video streaming or empower administrators with metadata editing tools and reporting capabilities.

Based in California and Europe
Empowered by two teams of experienced DSpace technical staff, @mire executes projects around the globe. Our US clients include Dryad, The World Bank, The California State University and the Inter-American Development Bank. Early October, @mire and the University of Missouri System won a grant to add ORCID functionality to DSpace.

Looking forward to the DLF Fall Forum
I am thrilled to attend the DLF Fall Forum and to present the latest DSpace 4 developments at the Community Idea Exchange Lightning Round on Wednesday. Whether you are a DSpace veteran or just exploring the system, I would be interested to hear about your experiences and wishes for the software.

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