DLF Metadata Support Group

The Metadata Support Group started informally as a lunch session at the 2016 DLF Forum and then as a community on Slack. As of May 2017, they are an official DLF Interest Group!

Read the announcement and information below to find out how to get involved.

About the Group

Metadata is hard. The Metadata Support Group aims to help. This is a place to share resources, strategies for working through some common metadata conundrums, and reassurances that you’re not the only one that has no idea how that happened. If you’re coming here with a problem we hope you’ll find a solution or a strategy to move you towards a solution!

Get Involved

  • Join the community on Slack to help or be helped – this is the main focus of the group at this time.
  • Contribute to editing the Metadata Support Group wiki for metadata resources (possible migration to other platforms TBD).
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