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LIBNOVA, the DLF FORUM and researching for the future.

LIBNOVA is honoured to be taking part of the DLF 2019! As a digital preservation company rooted on research we understand the importance of gearing towards the future by developing technologies and sharing methodologies; and, that is what the DLF Forum represents to us, a great arena to spread the word, find common ground to disseminate new ideas and project our thoughts.

Let me explain a little. Right from the start, LIBNOVA focused on research as its core. It has slowly but confidently expanded the LIBSAFE digital preservation platform into one of the most advanced platforms. It understands that progress is made by many at the same time, although there is always a first step. Many a time that first step has been taken at the DLF Forum.

We all know that protecting assets from the worst of today and preserving them for the future has become an obligation for institutions of all sizes across the globe. We all know that ensuring digital heritage is kept readable and accessible for the long-term is critical. The need to protect content while keeping it alive and usable has become a priority. We all share the same essence and participate in the same experience. We take part in the same journey.

LIBNOVA Research Labs is a fundamental piece of this forward-thinking technology that is LIBSAFE. One example of this is our machine learning and neural networks project, – it achieved impressive results and was awarded a European Research Grant in 2018. That research has made its way into LIBSAFE.

Over the next week, during the DLF Forum, we will be running through some of our research programs, so please keep an eye out and join us. Otherwise you can always come around to our booth and exchange ideas and views.


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