2021 DLF Forum: Online

The 2021 DLF Forum and affiliated events were held online, November 1-10, 2021. Most presentations and panels for the year’s events were pre-recorded videos. Community conversations took place by chat in our comprehensive conference platform or via a few live discussion sessions.

This year, Learn@DLF, our affiliated conference workshop series, took place as live video workshops. We also offered short tutorials about specific tools, techniques, workflows, or concepts. A handful were made available at the beginning of each Learn@DLF conference day.

Links to the entire schedule of DLF Forum and Learn@DLF offerings can be found below. To learn more about a particular recording (abstract, presenters, etc.) or to view it, click the link. To view recordings from Digital Preservation 2021, go to NDSA’s Digital Preservation 2021 site.

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DLF Forum:



DLF Forum Opening Plenary

CLIR Opening Remarks
Speakers: Jennifer Ferretti, Charles Henry, Aliya Reich, Gayle Schechter

1619 to 2021: A Black Journalist Turns the Light of Truth on the History of American Race
Speakers: Nikole Hannah-Jones, Stacey Patton

DLF Forum Closing Plenary

CLIR Closing Remarks
Speakers: Jennifer Ferretti, Charles Henry, Aliya Reich

Showing Up: Caring for Each Other During Messy Times
Speaker: Nisha Mody


A Duty to Intersect: Community-Centered Archives, Education, and Social Justice Movements
Speakers: Audra Eagle Yun, Christine Kim, Jeff Kim, Krystal Tribbett, Thuy Vo Dang

A Look into Latinx Archival Praxis
Speakers: Gabriela Baeza Ventura, Maria Cotera, Karen Mary Davalos, AnneMarie Pérez

Cooperative Models for Digital Archives
Speakers: Neel Agrawal, Emma Cawlfield Thomson, Michael Della Bitta, Shaneé Murrain, Emily Zinger

Feminist Revisions: An Emergent Model for Digital Scholarship in Libraries
Speakers: Matt Carruthers, Anne Cong-Huyen, Miranda Marraccini, Caitlin Pollock

Open to All? Creatively Imagining, Realizing, and Defending the Commons in Libraries and Archives
Speakers: Mark Matienzo, Rosalyn Metz, Shannon O’Neill, Thomas Padilla, Eira Tansey

Protecting readers’ right to privacy in single-sign-on access
Speakers: Rob Carter, Adam Chandler, Ken Klingenstein, John Mark Ockerbloom, Dorothea Salo

Scaling Training for Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums + Public Libraries: Access, Culture, and Community
Speakers: Lotus Norton-Wisla, Selena Ortega-Chiolero, Mercy Procaccini, Monique Tyndall

Stories From the Inside: Documenting Incarcerated People’s Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Speakers: Elvia Arroyo-Ramirez, Joanne DeCaro, Keramet Reiter, Gabe Rosales

Supporting Ethnic and Digital Ethnic Studies in Libraries Through Key Partnerships and Projects: A Panel Discussion
Speakers: Melissa Cardenas-Dow, Kenya Flash, Raymond Pun, Denisse Solis

Combo Sessions

Combo sessions consist of three separate presentations by one to two speakers on a single topic or project. Presentations were grouped by the program committee based on overarching themes or ideas.

Access, Accountability, Action

Digitizing the Maryland Province Archives: Confronting Jesuit Slaveholding and Providing Access for Diverse Communities
Speakers: Cassandra Berman, Theodore Mallison

Digital Archives Save Lives: Preserving Documents for Public Health
Speaker: Kate Tasker

Bending Water Towards New Voices
Speakers: Jeanine Finn, Catalina Lopez

Creative Pedagogy: Strategies for Centering the User/Community

Encuentro as Praxis: Nurturing the Community to Higher Ed Pipeline
Speakers: Linda García Merchant, Lorena Gauthereau

Workshopping the workshop: Iterative instructional design in undergraduate focused programing
Speakers: Janna Avon, Angela Perkins

Beyond the Reading Room: Virtual Archival Engagement with Interactive Visualizations
Speaker: Emma Hetrick

Engagement for Achievement: Digitization, Library Operations, and Student Success (HBCULA Partner Session)

Building a Sustainable Digital Portal to Rosenwald: Lessons and takeaways from one year of planning
Speakers: DeLisa Minor Harris, Danni Wynans

The Textbook Transformation Grants Sub-Awards: Textbook Savings for Students at HBCUs
Speaker: Ruth A. Hodges

Moving Toward Equity through Reimagined Practice

“Slavery, Abolition, Emancipation, and Freedom:” Centering Hidden Black History in Digital Workflows
Speaker: Dorothy Berry

Digitizing Hidden Collections Amplifying Unheard Voices: Redesigning a Legacy Program for Social Justice
Speakers: Joy Banks, Sharon Burney, Becca Quon

Indigenous Data Ethics and University of Oklahoma Digital Collections
Speakers: Barbara Laufersweiler, Lina Ortega

Nurturing Communities through Partnership

Opening Up: Building a Digital Commons to Foster University and Community Partnerships
Speakers: Meg McMahon, Jeanine Rodriguez

Building a Collaborative Curation Framework: Working Towards Sustainable Digital Stewardship
Speakers: Ashley Blewer, Wendy Hagenmaier, Susan Parham

Challenges in community-led archives: perspectives in community memory and digital libraries
Speakers: Charlotte Nunes, Gabriel Solis

Planning for Continuity: Collaborative Tools and Workflows

Digital Humanities and the Audiovisual Archive: Alabama HBCUs and the EBSCO Scholars Program
Speaker: Dimitrios Latsis

Building a Social Justice Focused Digital Collections Program at a Small or Medium Sized Institution
Speakers: Margaret Heller, Greer Martin

Everything Must Go, Part 2: Processing Removable Media in Legacy Collections Continues
Speakers: Hyeeyoung Kim, Maryse Lundering-Timpano

Urban Renewal and Digital Partnerships: Advancing Community Connections (HBCULA Partner Session)

Speak To Me: Reclamation of Black Communities
Speakers: Monika Rhue

Sustaining the HBCU Library Alliance Digital Collections through Distributed Digitization & Preservation
Speakers: Cliff Landis, Nina Ishokir

Digital Humanities for Small Audiences: Designing digital humanities projects with and for communities
Speakers: Ashley Champagne

Lightning Talks

High-profile, high-energy lightning talks shared in plenary, with the opportunity to point viewers to contact information and additional materials online.  

Falling Through the Cracks: Metadata inadequacies for rock climbing
Speakers: Tallie Casucci, Rachel Wittmann

Infusing Critical Evaluation of Data Visualizations in Open and Tool-centric Workshops
Speaker: Megan Martinsen

Community Collaboration, Scalability, and Digitization During an Unprecedented Time
Speakers: Emily Boss, Katherine Dirk

Digital Humanities, in the Year of the Plague: Library Support of DH Projects During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Speaker: R.C. Miessler

The Marmaduke Problem: Comics, Linked Data, and Community-led Authority Control
Speakers: Julian Chambliss, Nicole Huff, Kate Topham, Justin Wigard

Remediating Harmful Language and Content in Digital Archives
Speaker: Brianna McLaughlin

An Evolving Approach to Mass Digitization: Arabic Collections Online
Speaker: Michael Stasiak

New Material Memory Podcast Season: “HBCU Library Alliance Tour”
Speaker: Sharon Burney

Birds of a Feather Sessions

BOAF sessions were 25-minute live video discussions where folks discussed a topic of the presenter’s choice. These roundtables were opportunities for ideas to be shared and questions to be asked in the spirit of shared knowledge. In our Call for Proposals, we suggested BOAF sessions as a great place to ask for feedback on projects folks are currently working on or framing the discussion around a focused question. BOAFs were not recorded, but the topics and presenters are listed below.


Weaving Knowledge Networks: What are your library inreach strategies?
Speakers: Krystal Boehlert, Sandy Enriquez, Rachel Starry

Failure is an Option: Creative, inclusive, and accessible data workshops
Speakers: Halle Burns, Christina Miskey, Rebecca Orozco

Not Doing More with Less: Advocating for Sustainable Digital Projects
Speakers: Julia Corrin, Erin White


Community-Built Accessibility: Resources, Policy, and Testing
Speakers: Gabriel Galson, Debbie Krahmer, Lydia Tang

Building for Tomorrow: recommendations for feedback
Speakers: Stephen Abrams, Sara Rogers, Ann Whiteside

Teach Me about the Anthropocene: a Birds of a Feather Teaching with Archives Workshop
Speakers: Itza Carbajal, Sam Meier, Claire Williams


Create, Develop, Sustain: A Discussion of “Tiers” of Digital Preservation for Library-supported Projects
Speakers: Rachel Appel, Jennifer Garçon, John Pollack, Sam Sfirri

Towards a Structural Approach: How Do We Address the Root Causes of Bias and Inequality in Digital Environments?
Speakers: Audrey Altman, Natalie Fulkerson, Jackson Huang


Immersive Pedagogy: Distant Learning in Virtual Reality with Mozilla Hubs
Speakers: Jessica Linker, Henry A. Wermer-Colan, Heidi Winkler


Developing a Metadata Interview
Speakers: Hannah Calkins, Kara Long

Exploring How the Digital Library Community Can Promote Climate Justice
Speakers: Shannon Kipphut-Smith, Julia Kress, Lisa Spiro

Web Archiving: collecting and preserving websites created by the Instituto de Investigaciones Bibliográficas, UNAM
Speakers: Jo Ana Morfin, Carolina Silva

Working Group Meetups

DLF’s Working Groups had the opportunity for live virtual meetings during the 2021 DLF Forum. These meetings were not recorded, but the participating Working Groups and presenters are listed below. Learn more about DLF’s Working Groups here.

Assessment Interest Group
Speakers: Jennifer Bradshaw, Kate Flynn, Joy Perrin, Suzanne Preate, Hannah Scates Kettler, Hannah Tarver, Santi Thompson, Rachel White, Shannon Willis

Born-Digital Access Working Group
Speakers: Danielle Butler, Abbie Norris

Data & Digital Scholarship Working Group
Speakers: Jason Clark, Sara Mannheimer

DLF Committee for Equity and Inclusion
Speakers: Neel Agrawal, Jasmine Clark, Debbie Krahmer, Theodore Mallison

Digital Accessibility Working Group
Speakers: Jasmine Clark, Adele Fitzgerald, Gabe Galson, Debbie Krahmer, Meg McMahon, Wendy Robertson, Alex Wermer-Colan

Digital Library Pedagogy Group
Speakers: Alex Wermer-Colan, Heidi Winkler

Metadata Support Group
Speakers: Julie Hardesty, Anna Neatrour, Liz Woolcott

Museums Cohort
Speakers: Madeline Carruthers, Lori Donovan, Sumitra Duncan, Gayle Schechter

Project Managers Group
Speakers: Todd Digby, Allyssa Guzman, Jenifer Ishee, Anu Paul, Robin Pike, Shilpa Rele, Krystal Thomas, Becky Thoms, Cynthia York

Working Group on Labor in Digital Libraries, Archives, and Museums
Speakers: Stephanie Bennett, Leanne Finnigan, Ellen LeClere, Sandy Rodriguez, Ruth Tillman

Working Group on Privacy & Ethics in Technology
Speakers: Eliza Bettinger, Michelle Gibeault, Paige Walker

Learn@DLF Tutorials

Presented out of the formal schedule but made available and highlighted during the Forum, tutorials are training sessions or demonstrations between up to fifteen minutes in length about specific tools, techniques, workflows, or concepts. 

Algorithms as Data: A Case Study for Turning Algorithmic User Experiences into Research Data Objects
Speaker: Jason Clark

Case studies for implementing Office 365 tools into digital project workflows
Speakers: Calida Barboza, Bethann Rea, Rachel Senese, Richard Urban

Mapping Metadata: Cleaning and controlling fields to improve migrations
Speakers: Paige Morfitt, David Wilcox

The Digital is Material: A Guided Meditation
Speaker: Alicia Peaker

Learn@DLF Workshops

2021 Learn@DLF Workshops were held live in the conference platform. The recordings are not publicly available, but the workshop titles and presenters are listed below.

Annotating Cultural Heritage via IIIF
Speaker: Glen Robson

Exploring a Newly Enhanced Port in the Data Teaching and Learning Storm: the Data Management Training Clearinghouse
Speakers: Karl Benedict, Nancy Hoebelheinrich

Introduction to Reparative Archival Description
Speaker: Introduction to Reparative Archival Description

Project Management Part 1: Teaching the DLF Project Managers Toolkit
Speakers: Robin Pike, Krystal Thomas

Project Management Part 2: Applying Project Management in a Hybrid Work Environment
Speakers: Krystal Thomas, Todd Digby

Refining the Process: One Institution’s Approach to Preparing Projects for Digitization
Speakers: Marcia McIntosh, Jake Mangum

The Art and Science of the AV Inventory
Speaker: Siobhan Hagan

Trauma-Informed Approaches to Library Privacy – A Practical Workshop
Speakers: Deborah Caldwell, Ariel Hahn, Tess Wilson

Writing Your Personal Annual Review and Strategic Plan
Speaker: Saira Raza

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