Taiga Forum 10

Building Employee Engagement: Frank talk about improving learning, broadening thinking, and increasing cooperation in the workplace

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Taiga Forum is pleased to announce that DeEtta Jones (@DeEttaMJones), author, speaker, strategy consultant and former ARL director of organizational learning, is leading the Taiga Forum 10/DLF workshop. Come and learn with a group of AUL/AD peers what it takes to nurture and sustain engaged staff within libraries. Join us as we discover methods and strategies that broaden thinking, reduce negativity, heighten learning, and increase cooperation between individuals.

  • Why and how do employees become and remain engaged or fall in the problematic categories – disengaged and actively disengaged?
  • What is the organization’s approach to engagement?
  • Can managers develop employee engagement strategies that ensure staff remain engaged?
  • What is the organization’s approach to enhancing commitment?
  • Is it OK to give up or ignore the actively disengaged?
  • How does one know which way to go?

This full-day workshop will focus on strategies for helping disengaged employees become more engaged in the workplace. Finally, we will talk about what can be done with the actively disengaged, who can disproportionately and negatively impact organization. The event will be followed by the ever-popular Taiga Social. Open to all.


Thursday, October 30, 2014
9am–4pm (lunch included)

Jones Room, Main Library
Emory University
540 Asbury Cir, Atlanta, GA 30322

Registration: $90

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