Dive Into Kuali OLE

Notes: View the community notes Google doc for this session.

Session Type: Deep Dive

Session Description
This will be a walk-through of the technical elements of implementing Kuali OLE (Open Library Environment). Kuali OLE (Open Library Environment) is a community source next-generation library management system developed through a partnership of research libraries with the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Operating since July 2010, Kuali OLE is the one of the largest academic library software collaborations in the US.

If you’ve been wanting to try Kuali OLE and see if it is a good fit for your library but aren’t sure how to get started, come join us for a technical discussion of how to get started using Kuali OLE to enable a next generation library management ecosystem for your library. In this presentation we will take a deep dive into the core components of the Kuali OLE architecture, including OLE’s use of the Kuali Financial System and RICE middleware, for use with managing library acquisitions workflow.

Session Leaders
Jeffrey Fleming, Duke University


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