The Future of Fedora: Update on Fedora 4

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Session Type: Project Update

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Session Description
Over the past eighteen months, the Fedora community has come together to redesign and rebuild Fedora as a robust repository platform for the next decade. This new version of the software, Fedora 4, introduces a number of sought-after features, including performance improvements, support for large files, and native linked data capabilities. The codebase has also been revitalized to take advantage of modern, best-practice coding standards, including rigorous testing and documentation. The first official release, Fedora 4.0, launched as a beta at Open Repositories in July of 2014, and the full release will be available later in the year.

This presentation will provide an update on Fedora 4, both in terms of community support and technical development. Attendees will learn about the new Fedora 4.0 feature set, as well as use cases and strategies for migrating from Fedora 3.x to Fedora 4.

Session Leader
Mike Durbin, University of Virginia

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