Building a Community of Practice for Research Data Services: Experience of CLIR/DLF E-Research Peer Networking & Mentoring Group

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Session Description
From March to October 2014, eight academic libraries in the United States and Canada participated in the CLIR/DLF E-Research Peer Networking & Mentoring Group (ERPNMG), a program that aimed at encouraging and building a self-reliant, mutually supportive community engaged in continuous learning about e-research support. The program consisted of a series of webinars, practical activities and virtual discussions that helped the participating institutions to evaluate, refine and further implement their research data services (RDS). In this panel the ERPNMG participants, including the library representatives and the facilitators who worked with them, will share their experiences and discuss the successes and challenges of implementing research data services while engaging in mutual learning as well as propose the next steps for the ERPNMG after the end of program. We will place our experiences in the conceptual context of communities of practice (CoP) and encourage the audience to discuss the needs and opportunities for emerging communities of practice around data.

By receiving questions, comments, and suggestions from the wider community at the DLF Forum, we hope to collectively reflect on the role of the libraries and ERPNMG in building CoPs in the RDS context and better understand overlaps, interactions and possibly tensions among various sub-communities.

Session Leaders
Mayu Ishida, University of Manitoba
Chris Kollen, University of Arizona
Sarah Williams, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Kathleen Fear, University of Rochester
Inna Kouper, Indiana University
Kendall Roark, University of Alberta

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