Piloting a Peer-to-Peer Process for Becoming a Trusted Digital Repository

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Session Type: Project Update

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Session Description
In this presentation, representatives from UF and UNT will share on their work in collaboratively creating a pilot peer-to-peer process for TRAC to build towards becoming a Trusted Digital Repository, and how the process supports other concerns including needs for different types of collaborations and scales of collaboration for achieving TRAC goals, with peer-to-peer style collaboration for peer review of TRAC offering an important option for building capacity locally and as a community.

In 2014 the University of Florida (UF) and the University of North Texas (UNT) began a collaborative process to each complete a full self-audit using the Trusted Repository Audit Checklist (TRAC) for both institution’s digital repositories. In addition to the self-audit, each institution agreed to participate in a peer review process evaluating and scoring each other’s self-audit and supplied documentation.

The goals of the project are as follows:

  • Document the current repository services and systems, technical and human infrastructures, and overall operations following the TRAC process
  • Demonstrate the maturity of repository services, infrastructure and governance at both institutions
  • Share information and knowledge to support increasing the collaboration between project teams at UF and UNT
  • Pilot a peer review option that aims at offers more rigor and external feedback than a self-audit, but which also does not have the same financial requirements as a full external certification by a third party
  • Leverage the process internally at each institution to share information and knowledge to support increasing collaboration among different internal and external groups, including Research Computing and High Performance Computing groups at each institution

Session Leaders
Laurie Taylor, University of Florida
Chelsea Dinsmore, University of Florida
Suchi Yellapantula, University of Florida
Mark Phillips, University of North Texas

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