Using Confluence & JIRA for Project Management

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Session Type: Deep Dive

Session Description
The UC San Diego Library utilizes Confluence and JIRA for project management, issue tracking, sharing and organizing information, as well as fostering collaboration. We use a distributed, team approach to build digital collections. Furthermore, a set of standing committees reviews and approves project proposals, assigns resources, supports project managers and guides the development of our technical infrastructure. Confluence, a wiki based knowledge management tool, is used to coordinate activities between various programs in our Library, such as digital library development, research data curation, special collections and archives, metadata services, and information technology. JIRA is used for issue tracking. Increased integration within the two tools has allowed for better ways to document decisions, customize workflows and report out on progress. We will share internal processes, including the management of required fixes, desired enhancements and new features in the development of our DAMS, digital assessment management system, and digital collections website.

This working session will consist of two parts. First, we will provide an overview on how the tools are used, and support the project and committee structure surrounding digital library work. This will be geared towards a broader audience on using collaborative software. In the second part, we will have an in-depth demo to walk through specific features in Confluence/JIRA. Finally, we will invite participants to engage in discussion, ask questions, and share best practices. Participants will be able to assess their project tracking approach, and brainstorm how the tools and tactics in use at UC San Diego may be applicable to their work.

Session Leaders
Cristela Garcia-Spitz, University of California, San Diego
Roger Smith, University of California, San Diego
Matt Critchlow, University of California, San Diego


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