Past the First Bend in the Road: Reflections on the Development of Digital Scholarship Programs From Five Institutions

Session Type: Presentation

Session Description
Each of the five institutions represented on this panel has recently participated in a project or initiative that expands the reach and function of their respective digital scholarship programs. These programs are now past the first bend in the road and all are working through the challenges of increased responsibility and expectation that follow any successful start-up phase. Panel members will address the topic of sustaining new initiatives through their particular institutional experiences ranging from building communities to creating unified library spaces to integrating with a new campus curriculum. After brief presentations, the panel will engage in a moderated discussion with the audience to identify and address strategies for meeting the logistical and organizational challenges of novel endeavors in libraries.

Session Leaders
Trevor Muñoz, University of Maryland
Jennifer Guiliano, University of Maryland
Andrew Ashton, Brown University Library
Zoe Borovsky, University of California, Los Angeles Library
Elizabeth McAulay, University of California, Los Angeles Library
Devin Becker, University of Idaho Library
Annie Gaines, University of Idaho Library
Allen Tullos, Emory University

View the slides from UCLA.

View the community reporting Google doc for this session.

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