Birds of a Feather Sessions

Meet over lunch for conversations about:

Charting a Path Forward in the American Digital Stewardship Landscape
Session Leader: Christina Drummond
Table “1”

Developing Local Benefits for Linked Open Data
Session Leader: Jody DeRidder
Table “2”

Gender and Technology
Session Leader: Chris Bourg
Table “3”

Research Data Alliance
Session Leader: Inna Kouper
Table “4”

The Research Data Alliance (RDA, is an international initiative envisioned to provide a forum for working on, supporting, and promoting data exchanges. Come to this BoF session to discuss opportunities for librarians to make a bigger impact by contributing to one of the RDA working and interest groups. Some of the questions we’ll address:

  • How can library communities leverage RDA and make a wider impact (e.g., by engaging researchers, developing tools, promoting best practices)?
  • What would library communities want/need from other stakeholders in data exchanges (e.g., researchers, software developers, funders, etc.)?
  • What are the areas/items of immediate and/or long-term action?

Bring all your data-related ideas, questions and concerns to this session.

Session Leader: Marjorie Fowler
“Table 5”

Technologies for Processing Data at Scale
Session Leader: Roy Tennant
“Table 6”

For anyone interested in discussing the use of the Hadoop family of technologies <> and/or other such tools like the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack <> to process massive amounts of data quickly on commodity hardware.

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