Geospatial Data and Digital Libraries

Session Type: Working Session

Session Description
In this working session we will discuss strategies digital libraries can adopt to integrate geospatial collections into a broader digital library infrastructure. We will discuss in particular the efforts already underway at several Hydra institutions ( to:

  • Characterize and identify geospatial digital objects (e.g., maps, layers, vectors, rasters)
  • Model, ingest, and manage geospatial data as digital objects in Fedora
  • Adopt policy and metadata guidelines to ensure adequate description across collections
  • Share cataloging across institutions
  • Search and discovery tools (e.g., creating a geoportal)
  • Deliver data via scalable open infrastructures to support web mapping & GIS applications

Rather than focusing on a specific piece of software, this working session will focus on creating communities of shared best practice for integrating geospatial data in digital libraries.

Session Leaders
Bess Sadler, Stanford University Libraries
Kim Durante, Stanford University Libraries
Darren Hardy, Stanford University Libraries
Susan Powell, Yale University Library
Adam Soroka, University of Virginia Library
Ronda Grizzle, University of Virginia Library

View the community reporting Google doc for this session.

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